About Me

My early years

Prior to moving to Canada, I was born in Kenya where I spent my early years. My family brought with us a combination of East African and South Asian influences with us.

While attending the University of Guelph, I volunteered as a Peer Counsellor with the Student Support Network. I also worked as an Autism Support Worker and Wellness Education Assistant. It was during these years that I understood my passion was to helping others on their healing journey.

My story today

I completed my Master of Counselling Psychology from Yorkville University. I completed an 8 month intensive practicum at The Power of You, Sandy Joy Registered Psychotherapist. During this internship, I trained in working with clients through trauma and betrayal trauma using a variety of approaches.

After my Masters, I remained as an associate of The Power of You and opened my private practice. I continue to work in the scope of trauma with clients across many locations today.

My future aspirations

While I enjoy and welcome supporting clients with any difficulty, there are some areas in which I am passionate about.

First, I hope to support minority communities in accessing therapy that is culturally sensitive. As a BIPOC therapist, I endeavor to integrate topics of oppressions, marginalization, patriarchy, racism and more into therapy as the client sees fit.

Second, I aspire to provide therapy for those who give so much of themselves to others. Helpers, frontline workers, and therapist are special populations which I hope to support and provide psychoeducation to on topics of compassion fatigue and burnout.


I will continue to support Partners of those who have porn/sex addiction through work in Betrayal Trauma. 

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