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EMDR Therapy Services: Comprehensive Consultation for EMDR Professionals

Exploring EMDR Consultation Together: A Journey of Professional Growth

Join the EMDR Certification journey


As an Approved EMDR Consultant, I am filled with enthusiasm and invite you to join me on this journey to building your confidence as a clinician in using EMDR. In this capacity, I am equipped to provide EMDR practitioners with all 20 EMDRIA-required consultation hours for your certification in EMDR therapy services. I offer both individual consultation (cost $115 an hour) and group ($60 per 2 hour group). 

To join a group, please email

Specializing in Trauma through EMDR Therapy


My areas of specialization within EMDR therapy include managing trauma, PTSD, anxiety, compassion fatigue and betrayal trauma. These specializations are supported by my credentials that extend beyond being an EMDR certified therapist, as well as a trained IFS therapist. My expertise in EMDR is further enhanced by training in innovative techniques like the Flash Technique, DeTur protocol and Ego state interventions, ensuring comprehensive guidance in EMDR therapy sessions.

EMDR Protocol Refreshers: Enhancing Practice Efficiency 


In addition to consultation services, I also focus on the practical aspects of EMDR therapy, including the use of EMDR therapy equipment and various session guides. Further, I offer 1-on-1 consultations going through all phases of standard protocol for those who have completed their basic training or those who need help consolidating their understanding.  These resources are crucial for therapists seeking to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their practice.

Cost: $60 CAD for 2 hour group, $115 CAD for 1 hour individual

Upcoming webinar: TBA


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