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Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy: A Path to Inner Harmony

Embracing Every Aspect of Yourself with IFS Therapy
Level 2 Trained IFS Therapist: Guiding You Towards Internal Balance

Internal Family Systems by Richard Schwartz, Phd. Graphic by Janet R. Mullen, LCSW

Discovering the Multiple Facets of Your Inner Self

Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy is founded on the insightful understanding that each individual is composed of multiple internal parts, each possessing its own unique beliefs, thoughts, and emotions. This innovative approach to psychotherapy views the mind as a complex system, akin to a family, where each 'member' or part plays a crucial role in your overall mental wellbeing.

The Varied Parts of the Self: Recognizing and Understanding Their Roles

In IFS Therapy, it's recognized that these internal parts can be incredibly diverse. Some may be driven by fear or pain, while others might exude confidence or retain a youthful spirit. This diversity within your internal family is key to understanding the dynamics that shape your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.


Fostering a Nurturing Relationship with Your Internal Parts

As a Level 2 IFS practitioner, I possess the expertise to guide you in forming a nurturing and compassionate relationship with these diverse parts of yourself. The aim of these sessions is to facilitate a dialogue between these parts, fostering understanding and empathy within your internal system.

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